Chapter One

For todays post I have decided to give you the beginning of my story.

Note that it is far from finished and when I am done this might not at all be how the story begins. But for now this is it. So with great expectancy I give you (pause for effect) THEEEEE BEEEGINNNNNINNNGG!

Chapter one- The beginning
Petronella Cynthia Esther Scott was not a normal girl. What is first she didn’t look like the other girls, slim and tall and… Well, you get the picture. She wasn’t very pretty in some people’s view, but she had the most brilliant kind of eyes. They where dark, but not black. No, more in a shade of the most intense dark-green you could imagine. But most people did not realize that. They could simply not see it, because most of the time Petronella was far too shy to look people in the eyes. Yes, she was usually so nervous around people she did not dare look them in their faces. But if you came closer, and by some chance got a glimpse of her eyes, you saw that Petronella’s eyes was for mere mortals, you know ordinary people, close to enchanting. Almost like poison her eyes were, and that is why her father used to call her Ivy, as in poison ivy. Her hair was dark, black as raven-feathers it was. Some say that the colour of her hair is the very heart of our story, so it would be wise to keep those raven-coloured locks in mind as we proceed in the telling.
She was rather broad-shoulder and brawny, and also rather short, and would have become a great athlete if she’d try. But we’re afraid she was far too shy for things like that. Oh she was, wasn’t she? But it was her mind people in the end couldn’t figure out, the capacity of it would be shown to be far greater than anyone could imagine. That was probably what led to her death one day. No one really knew what happened to her, but late one night, a farmer found her on the fields after a hard day of work. But since we are the tellers of this story we also have the slightly important information to tell that a rather small boy stood amongst the trees just as the field met the forest, with tears running down his cheek and an expression of horror mixed with anger upon his rather pretty face. But that is the end of this story. First we have to look at the beginning, the very beginning.

The End

May your walk be safe and your steps be steady.


Introduction of the world I’m creating.

So, today I would like to tell you a bit about the story I’m working on at the moment. It is at this present hour called Petronella but I am thinking about the name:

Petronella and the beautiful and mysterious forest that called itself her friend.

Maybe it might be a bit too long, I am not sure.

Back to the telling of the story.
It is called Petronella simply because the main character’s name is Petronella, Petronella Cynthia Esther Scott is her name. And it is a fantasy sort of story (or fantasy is the closest I will probably get when I file it into a genre, it’s not really fantasy like The Lord Of The Ring and it’s not quite urban fantasy like Twilight, it’s more of the fairy tale-sort, but that us not a genre).
Please bare with me, the story is far from done or complete, not even the plot is completely done yet.
But anyway; the story goes something like this:

Petronella is the story of a girl who lives in the forest, and she loves it too for that matter. But like in many others stories she falls in love with a boy. This boy is not ordinary, but Petronella can’t just yet say what is extraordinary about him. Soon after they meet they will have to part ways, and the boy (or he is more of a man than a boy really) promises Petronella that they will meet again someday. Some time goes by and winter arrives. In the middle of one of her many walks Petronella discovers a golden object lying on the snow-covered ground. She picks it up and brings it home and by doing so she seals her destiny, a destiny very much evolving the young man, but also loads of new discoveries and adventures she never could have dreamt about in her wildest dreams.

So, what do you think?
I think the summary is rubbish, but it’s the best I can do at the moment. It would do exceptionally terribly on the back of a book.
Anyway, so the story is about a girl and it will probably end with her saving the world or summat, the details are not quite finished yet.

And that is all I have today folks.
May your walk be safe and your steps be steady.

The beginning

I believe words are important, I believe words are alive. They are breathing. Words paint up worlds and sceneries unseen for the mere eyes. They transform the ordinary world to something beyond normal. Words are beautiful to me. They are like keyholes to new worlds. I treasure words. I decided to create this blog to practice me writing skills and to goof around with words (trust me, there’ll be some goofing around).

So, a bit about myself.
-I like books (go figure!)
I couldn’t find anything more about myself that is interesting enough to write here (I guess it will come more of this in a future post, probably when I have managed to become a more interesting person, till then I’ll continue to be a complete mystery to you).

So, this is all you’ll get today, for now.
Don’t look so disappointed, I don’t believe you expected me to be a complete genius at this after just one post.

May your walk be safe and your steps be steady.