The beginning

I believe words are important, I believe words are alive. They are breathing. Words paint up worlds and sceneries unseen for the mere eyes. They transform the ordinary world to something beyond normal. Words are beautiful to me. They are like keyholes to new worlds. I treasure words. I decided to create this blog to practice me writing skills and to goof around with words (trust me, there’ll be some goofing around).

So, a bit about myself.
-I like books (go figure!)
I couldn’t find anything more about myself that is interesting enough to write here (I guess it will come more of this in a future post, probably when I have managed to become a more interesting person, till then I’ll continue to be a complete mystery to you).

So, this is all you’ll get today, for now.
Don’t look so disappointed, I don’t believe you expected me to be a complete genius at this after just one post.

May your walk be safe and your steps be steady.


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