on courage

One does not simply become courageous.
You build it up. It grows as you ride the wave of fear. It is constructed when you feel scared and do it anyway.
Courageous is something you are when you feel the least brave but do what you fear nonetheless. Sometimes you need to decide to be courageous, even when everything inside screams for you to get out of there, to leave the situation and return into hiding. Courage is about rebelling against the first, prime instinct we have, to be safe. But you see, you won’t grow in your safety; you’ll never thrive in your comfort zone. Growth happens when you step out of hiding; out of the shadows and into the rain and sunshine. “I want to feel deeply” I whisper to myself. But to feel deeply I must let myself get exposed. “I want to live fully” I whisper. But to live fully I must take chances. I must dare, even when I feel afraid.
True bravery only happens when you do things scared. That friction of defying your natural instinct creates trey courage. But it’s hard. I know. It’s easier to live with fear; you learn to get by. You create safety barriers to manage the fear, to make it less intense. But one must learn to not fear fear. Fear is a scary emotion, but what I’ve learned is that fear won’t kill you. Feeling fear is unpleasant, but it will not harm you.
Think about that the next time you want to avoid a situation because you’re afraid.

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